Eta Vision hardware and software

See data in a whole
new light

Introducing Eta Vision’s data center management platform, empowering the people that operate the world’s infrastructure.


We understand your current frustrations with data center management. We’ve leveraged years of experience to develop a management-free sensor network paired with advanced action-driven software to simplify data center administration and significantly improve energy efficiency and cost savings.


    Get a detailed snapshot and action plan on how your facility consumes and utilizes energy. Improve utilization and make high-ROI decisions backed by our automated and data-driven analysis system.


    Our sensor and software platform is designed to effortlessly work with your data center even as it evolves. Self-managing, always-accurate sensors mean you don’t have to manage hardware or data. Eta Vision’s automated system closes the feedback loop so that you can focus on value-added work. Spend more of your time testing and implementing new designs and workflows while optimizing your operation.


    True multi-tenant design allows for segmented views, user access, alert management, SLA monitoring, and more. See all of your data in one place, even across multiple facilities. If you’re a colo operator that wants to offer advanced monitoring to your clients, or an enterprise with deployments across multiple facilities, Eta Vision can help simplify and optimize your data center management and improve your ROI.


Eta Vision works with the nation’s leading designers, builders, and operators to optimize data centers throughout the lifecycle of the building. We provide hardware, software, and analysis services that add value at any point in the data center’s life. Our systems support every step, starting with data-driven design, leading into constant commissioning, and provide tools for continuous optimization and risk management.

What is Eta anyway? Eta is the Greek letter η “ate-uh” from the Carnot Cycle. It provides an upper limit on the efficiency that any classical thermodynamic engine can achieve during the conversion of heat into work, or conversely, the efficiency of a refrigeration system in creating a temperature difference by the application of work to the system. It is not an actual thermodynamic cycle but is a theoretical construct.

We obsess about efficiency and helping our operators move closer to η

  • Eta Vision software


    Eta Vision sensors provide automatic location sensing allowing 3D representation of your physical space. The best part is you don’t have to update the sensors location, even if they move. Along with location sensing, our sensors have a robust mesh network and an ultra-long battery life, allowing you to always stay connected.

  • Eta Vision software


    Not just data, but context. Eta Vision uses advanced data analysis techniques to deliver smart alarming and energy optimization insights that drive action and eliminate alert fatigue. Understand high-level operational health metrics at a glance or dive deeper using powerful tools to characterize events at the root cause. Eta Vision takes the hard work out of data collection and analysis and empowers users with insights automatically.

  • Eta Vision software


    Automatically generated optimization reports make it easy to realize efficiency gains without needing a PhD. Get a list of perf tile moves, blanking panel adjustments, and equipment air flow issues by location, delivered automatically in the app or into your workflow of choice (ticketing systems, email, text messaging, etc). With Eta Vision’s analysis services and data historian, view all of your audits and reports for your facility in one place organized chronologically to see how your operation has improved over time.


We are interested in helping you manage the efficiency of your space. Contact us for more information and to see how Eta Vision can help you become a more efficient and effective provider. Want to see Eta Vision in action? Download our white paper today.